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What happened to the engine power

Time:2023-04-27 13:00:00

  All Terrain Vehicle are also knowm as‘all-terrain vehicles’ because they can drive on hills,deserts,gravel and mountains.

  The engines is the core part of a beach bike and the power of the engine directly affects the riding experience of the driver.


  The reasons and solutions for the lack of power in a beach buggy engine are:

1. The oil circuit is blocked,but not yet completely biocked.Check te fuel thank switch and the fuel filter to see if it is blocked layers of sediment.

2. Check whether the air filter is blocked,it should be cleaned to ensure smooth air intake.

3. Check whether the air damper is not completely open.The damper should be fully opened after the engine is started.

4. Fuel is too dirty or waterlogged,you should go to a regular gas station to buy fuel.